Your path to overflowing prosperity & abundance...


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Manifest wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.


Abundance is your birthright and wealth is the essence of your soul! Build your confidence, learn how to EARN, heal your nervous system, improve your belief system, and become abundant doing what you love.

Monetize Your Magic with Ezina!

Online Hybrid Program | Aug 3 - Sept 14, 2022

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Can You Relate?

  • Constant stress, fear, & worry about money
  • Bills that keep piling up
  • Growing credit card debt
  • Money is spent as quickly as it is earned
  • Struggle sticking to a budget
  • Always behind financially?
  • Unfulfilled fantasies about things you can't afford, leaving you feeling sad, fearful and wishing you had a different reality with money...

It wasn't that long ago that I was in your same exact shoes...


I was out-of-control, overwhelmed and in denial about money. At the root of all of my problems, I realized that I was actually terrified of money! I was so afraid to make a mistake that my fears blocked my ability to attract & earn more money in the first place.

Here is my story...



Now abundance has become a natural occurrence in my life.


Once I opened my eyes to:


👉🏿 WHAT I was spending money on...

👉🏿 WHO I was spending money on...

👉🏿 HOW I was spending and utilizing money...

👉🏿 WHY I disrespected the money that was currently flowing to me...


I transformed my reality with money & abundance.



✨  In 7 days, I manifested  $18,000.

✨  In 8 weeks I manifested $35,000.

✨ 2 months later, I manifested (earned) $300,000.00.

✨ Now abundance has become a normal occurrence in my life.

✨ The amounts of money coming in may change day to day but the wealth continues to escalate...!

(Watch my story above for all the juicy details!)

I know my true worth undeniably, deep down in my soul.




I'm Ready!!


Your path to overflowing prosperity & abundance.


Trust me when I say:



When you learn how to vibrate and embody the abundance that you are...

YOU WILL MANIFEST, CREATE and earn WEALTH and ABUNDANCE (in all forms) into your life - even if you’ve struggled with money your entire life.

That’s what MONETIZE YOUR MAGIC will do for you.

Here's What You'll Learn:


Magnetic Abundance Transmission

These course materials were created with the frequency of abundance. As you utilize the materials in this course, your wealth vibration will rise in frequency of what is being delivered to you.

Divine Flow 

We magnetize our own life experiences through our thoughts.   I will walk you through step by step how to use your own personal magic to create what you desire so that you can live life on your own terms.

Mystery School Tools

We are all carrying the lineages of our ancestors. Sometimes we need to access, unlock, and purge the poverty consciousness of our ancestors in order to free our money blocks and access our personal wealth and abundance in this lifetime.

I will teach you steps to unlock generational wealth that is your birthright and open the financial floodgates so that you can free not only yourself but your entire bloodline.

Practical Practices

In addition to the deep energetic work you will do, we will also address day-to-day money practices, wealth ingenuity, financial growth and management rituals, and tools that will keep you vibrating in the flow of prosperity. You will receive access to the money workbook that I have used for years to continually raise my wealth vibration.

Weekly Outline:

Get immediate access to the Welcome Module and workbook upon registration! Plus join us weekly for optional livestream calls with Ezina + get access to new content each week! Bonus livestreams are optional and will be held on Wednesday's from 3-4pm PDT + recorded for you to review.

Week 1: Reality Check

  • Uncover your inherited ideas about money.
  • Learn how to break down your limiting beliefs.
  • Upscale your money mindset, breakthrough blocks, and upgrade your monetization muscles.
  • Learn how to stay on course when fear, anxiety, and your nervous system take you on a roller coaster of emotions. 

WEEK 2: Financial Housekeeping

  • Systemize your money management so you can make, keep and earn more money.
  • Discover untapped financial resources already at your disposal.
  • Find missing money and start cashing some checks. 

WEEK 3: Tapping Your Talent

  • Tap into your Talent Tower ™ and discover all of the fun, stress-free ways that you can generate massive amounts of money
  • Open up channels for new money to flow to you. Not by some magic but through your talent and ingenuity.
  • Discover no less than 5 avenues to generate revenue on an ongoing basis. 

WEEK 4: Multiple Streams of Income

  • Learn multiple ways to make money from one idea or product.
  • Learn how to recession-proof your life.
  • Learn how to open channels and allow money to flow to you. 

WEEK 5: Financial Fitness

  • Discover money blueprints and workouts to unlock your vaults.
  • Experience wealth rituals to keep you financially tuned up.
  • Discover fun ways to maintain your nervous system as you up-level.
  • Learn how to set boundaries around familial and charitable giving.

Join me for Monetize Your Magic!

Online Hybrid Program | Sept. 14 - October 19, 2022


Recorded Videos · Guided Meditation Mp3's · Downloadable Workbook


If you are looking for money and wealth business strategies that will help you manifest and earn money easily and effortlessly this course is for you. I look forward to seeing you inside the classroom.



6 Money Magic Modules with 28 Recorded Lessons

6 Q&A Livestream Calls with Hot Seats

Digital Copy of "Monetize Your Magic" Workbook

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6 Money Magic Modules with 28 Recorded Lessons

6 Q&A Livestream Calls with Hot Seats

Digital Copy of "Monetize Your Magic" Workbook

Virtual Meditation Lounge with 50 Mp3 Meditations!

Unlimited Lifetime Access to Course Materials!


One time payment of $697

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What People Have to Say about the Program...

"Monetize Your Magic with Ezina came at the perfect time in my life. I was going through a divorce and had lost my job. I spent the last of my savings on this class and I was able to get back on my feet and double my money back before the course had even ended."

- Bill Bayaud

"Before I met Ezina, I was living out of my BMW, had lost my apartment, didn't have a job. I had no money, and was selling my designer clothes and handbags for cash.

Through Monetize Your Magic, I was able to finally get off the poverty rollercoaster and stabilize my life. I now have a stable 6 figure income and a beautiful home!"

- Jonda Brightman 

I was so miserable and so in debt and I knew there had to be a better way to live. I was working a job I absolutely hated. I didn’t know I could make money from having fun - Monetize Your Magic helped me triple my income while living my best life!

- Nathan Kim


I'm Ezina LeBlanc.

After years of riding the financial roller coaster, I decided to learn how to master money and win. I spent years testing out what works and what doesn't when it comes to earning and manifesting lasting wealth. 

With smart financial decisions and a little hard work, I have been able to monetize my magic and live a conscious debt-free life.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find financial freedom. I’ll show you how to earn more, save more, and have fun putting your money to work for you.